Remember when

“When your mood is blue as the sky, remember to look up at the sun so high and take each ray of sun as love from far above.
When the day feels black as night, remember the storm is not here to fight. Always know when the wind is near it’s just our loved ones drawing oh so near”

Wedding planning

So I’ve been looking at the calendar. I don’t know why but May 29th sounds like a great date. It’s right after Memorial Day. It’s before a big camping week. I think it would be an ideal day to marry my love.

Now to just run the idea by him. Then it is on to convincing him to get married at the lighthouse his sister suggested. :)

Maybe we could have a few people there. I know he’d want his sister and her family. His mom. Maybe his brother and his family.

I’d love for my sister and her family to be there as well as aunt Robbi.

I really want pictures and memories and make it a special occasion

My colors maybe would be red white and green. It’d be a very casual wedding. Frank doesn’t want attention and doesn’t like getting all dressed up.

I’ve seen lots if things in Pinterest. Oh the ideas are spinning.

Wedding frustrations

There’s so much I want to do so many aces and ideas in my head whee I want to be married at

The downside, my fiancĂ©e doesn’t want a big wedding. He doesn’t want that much attention brought to himself.

Which leaves me thinking were just gonna go to the clerks office and it’ll be done there. Nothing special about that now is there?

I want to get dressed up. I want flowers and a theme and colors. I want to wear a nice tux. I want a background to remember. A sunset for pictures. 100 or so guests at the reception. I want to dance(need lessons first) I want to wow factor.

But first. I guess we really need to settle on a date first. Then a budget. Unless of course it just going to be at the courthouse. Then it’s just another day. Ugh. Decisions decisions!


Tomorrow is thanksgiving. Normally it’s a no thrills day for me. I get up lounge around the house, eat a bit, maybe clean the house. Sometimes I get up and go to my aunts place or wherever we’re having dinner at and help them prepare

Not this time. This time, I’m preparing the turkey!


And the devolved eggs. Which I’ve already boiled.


I’ll be snapping photos and adding them throughout the day.

Wish me luck

Grand Ma Thrower

Yesterday was the beginning of November. My aunt posted on Facebook that it was Dollie Throwers’ birthday.

Dollie is my grand mother on my dads side of the family. She passed away when on August 6, 1985. I was about 10 years old. She was 60 an would have been 98 yesterday November 1

As we were commenting back and forth, I got to thinking I didn’t remember much about her. What I did remember was she dipped tobacco and always had a cup nearby to spit in.

Another thing I remember is her sitting on a front porch in Talladega, AL somewhere. I think maybe uncle scooter and aunt sue were beside her.

When my dad passed away. He was buried next to her

Is it strange that that’s the only thing I remember about her? Probably. Since mom and dad divorced when I was 5. That is probably a reason I don’t

Welcome Back

It’s the first day of school. Whether you’re a teacher, student, staff member, or a parent, I bet you still get that nervous pit in your stomach.

I know I do. It’s like stepping into a new world or something. You just can’t get over that lump in your throat when someone speaks your name.

This year is definitely going to be an exciting year. With a new bus, new students and parents, it’ll be challenging. Nevertheless, exciting!

Miss You


Missing you today mom. Friday will be 12 years you were taken from us.
It’s been hard at times, somehow we make it another day. But not one goes by where I don’t think of you. I love and miss you

Still here

Is it me or is something missing? If you answered with “me” then you’re right. I’ve not ha much of a writing bug lately. Seems as though every time I think about something, I forget to jot it down and it’s gone

Now, there’s a wordpress app for iPhone that I can immediately jot something down and post it

Have I told you how much I really like my iPhone? Well now I have, I LOVE MY IPHONE! Hehehe

Have a great day folks!